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  2. no need to go at night, they do the one wheel dirt bike thing during the day too. 30-40 strong.
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  4. Went to the Bronx last week to deliver a piece for the subway, went in at midnight, there were dirt bikes going up and down the Grand Concourse, no lights, no reg, no helmet and of course on one wheel light to light, cops look shrug and keep munchin on donuts ???? I asked job foreman about bikes, said why bother, can't catch them and if you do they never come to court, place is a zoo and needs a wall put up to keep the animals locked up, need observation towers so we could go watch the show. you want to see how low humans can degrade, you need to visit the sh t hole at night.
  5. Well I can see the purple now Looks good to me,sure is some decent size chimneys you got going on there Great stuff and thanks for sharing Paul
  6. Econodyne instead of maxidyne? Just different fueling, right? Unless its a V8? What designation was a V8 in '78?
  7. Brother, you hit the nail on the head!! Just checked the hour meter and nothing but dashes. All of the fuses in that lower left box check good for continuity. I have been suspicious of the ecm going haywire for a couple of years now, but everyone says not likely. I had a brief spell on a trip a couple of years ago that the truck acted strange on the interstate and the lightning bolt and other lights came on. By the time I got off the interstate and checked under the hood, the lights were out when I got back in the truck. The truck has never had the same power since that incident and occasionally still flashes those warning lights briefly, but never stay on long enough to get it checked. The best that I can remember, the hour meter was showing around 5 or 6 thousand hours prior to the original incident. Ever since then, the hour meter jumped to 9,999 and has stayed there ever since. THANK YOU for your help!!
  8. Went to visit my son who lives there .Tried to enter captions. Even with H67 and Other dogs help still had trouble . Will list captions in order of photos. Blue Bird bus motor home, airplane on a pickup, GMC at work, old dumps, diner advertisement, plastic strips to check if wheels are frozen, reclaimed lumber& log cabins for sale,Volvo loaded with beets I think, wind turbine, and dump with trailer in mountains .
  9. My caption is correct using the available information. I have seen this truck several times and it is always listed as a 1978 F model. I happened to take a picture of the VIN plate and it shows F788ST. Never really looked at the engine. I don't know the owner but I will see what the story is on this truck sometime.
  10. I'd look at the kingpin too, make sure the disk on the underside of the pin isn't bent/failing.
  11. For really tough hauling an automated manual like Volvo's is no substitute for a real automatic like the Allison.
  12. An inch of daylight between 5th wheel and trailer ain't normal, and for the price of a new 5th wheel it ain't worth the risk of a bad repair causing a multi-million $$$ accident.
  13. Look for the trailer stop lamp switch in the dash, possibly T'ed into the air plumbing for one of the knobs. My 2001 tractor may have had 3 knobs (I forget, it's been a few years since I sold it) one knob released truck park brakes, Second knob supplied air to the trailer tanks, Third knob released trailer park brakes. One of my straight trucks had a 2 knob setup, one for trailer brakes, one for truck brakes.
  14. Trucks typically use 2 air switches. One kicks on below a certain pressure, this would typically be in a situation where your parking brake is kicked on, intentionally or in a low air situation. Do not confuse this with the low air buzzer/light circuit. The other brake light switch is tied into the foot pedal and kicks on when there is air pressure going to the service brakes. Recap: one is a positive pressure switch in the service brake air circuit, the other is a 0 air pressure switch in the Emergency (Park) air circuit. First is typically on the firewall, second is typically in the dash by the park knob. Your situation sound more like a wiring issue than a switch issue, unless there's a 3rd switch for the trailer. But most of my work has been on straight trucks. Good luck!
  15. Well I can tell you if a repair shop is properly insured their insurance company prohibits repair of fifth wheels. My insurance company prohibited me from anything related to the fifth wheel because they said it could come uncoupled and a trailer would go careening all over and kill everyone in it's path, I then asked that underwriter if i could replace king pins on a trailer and his reply was yes why not. The underwriters don't have a complete understanding of what it is that they are dealing with.
  16. No I mean that it is necessary to have up and down movement between fifth wheel and upper coupler, you will see a gap if you are not on flat level ground. More than likely with a quarter frame he does not have crank legs but with a trailer that has crank legs you should be able to raise the trailer as much as a half inch above the fifth wheel while coupled.
  17. Usually it’s the engine ECM has died . See if you can read the engine hours in the display under trip data . If just dashes shows up and no numbers then there’s a good chance the ECM is fried. Hopefully is just a fuse though but be prepared for a ECM
  18. Not really James, Allison is a far superior vocational trans! For the most part! If You have to Have An Auto and manual is not your thing then The I shift / M drive has its place I suppose??? but in the dump / mixer / anything work site related the ally is the trans for the job in my mind ! From my experience the Allison has stood the test of time! the Ishift in this instance not so much!
  19. the caption is a misprint,the 350 wasn't available in 1978. I'm thinking that truck just had a 237. I saw it several years ago at a ATHS show,but just can't remember
  20. fjh


    Is IT a 12 OR Is it a 13 speed???? Big difference !!!! If its a 12 the air shifter has reverse on the knob as well if its a 12 the orings on the hi low split can be changed with out removing the lid! all orings can be changed except the shaft oring which rarely leaks!
  21. What is the casting number I,E, 51QK
  22. Interesting Allison over M-Drive. Nice looking paint scheme.
  23. ^^^saying that is racist^^^ yesterday i was at the parents and saw on the news about a homeowner that was being charged with manslaughter after shooting and killing a career criminal that was armed and broke into his home. it should have been no charges due to self defense, but this is nu yawk where criminals are coddled and the law abiding are guilty of defending themselves.
  24. Will an electric Anthem follow? If not Volvo will be putting the squeeze on Mack regional and bulk haul.
  25. Real nice. What year did the Granite get the longer hood?
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