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  2. I posted about this topic before but could not find the thread. I have a mechanical E7 350 in a 1991 rd688s. At around 1600 rpm my engine brakes start going intermittent. It's not just one head it's both. I was told to check the relay but low and behold I cannot find any engine brake relay it's blank on my fuse panel. Where the other wires go into the heads to the solenoids there is some oil seapage nothing major but this engine brake cutting out when I need it most is getting ageravating. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm getting annoyed trying to chase this down. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
  3. I think it is VERY restorable and an average price. It would be a perfect match to a restored single axle truck. LOVE it! I am STILL after a tandem axle Trailmobile tanker too if you hear or see one in your travels.
  4. are there many trucks left in that yard where that R came from??
  5. I like it. Pretty good looking old rig. Especially considering it’s 50 years old this year. What’s the dozer if you don’t mind me asking?
  6. Another picture of the truck in question
  7. I have never driven the older 2 stick 5 speed with the over drive but all of the 2 stick 6 Direct 6 speeds had some sort of whine to them. some it was just felt in the stick others were more of a howl... the good thing is all of them were damm near bullet proof. I can only think of a few that needed bearings or something normal for wear items.
  8. I like your truck. Right up my alley.
  9. I grew up in them. Mixer trucks. Hot, loud and ride awful. Love em. Lol. Can’t kill the things. The mixers didn’t have a passenger seat. So when I was a kid I would ride shotgun on a rotella box
  10. I believe I paid about the same for mine at Mack. I bought them a year ago probably. Just now getting around to it. Lol
  11. Yeah, I bought it about 3 hours east of me , It is a bit cramped for me at 6' 1" , no power steering either, so you have about 1 inch between the A pillar and the 22 inch diameter steering wheel.
  12. I did both by myself here in the shop( I worked for Freightliner as a Class 8 truck mechanic for several years) in about 5 hours, but my front axle is only a 10K unit. I did put an OEM kit in it from my local Mack dealership. I think it was $ 250 for the complete kit, bushings, pins and bearings.
  13. You got the early R. Steel dash and the cab built for short people. Lol we have 2 of those trucks left.
  14. Yes that’s the one I was thinking of if I remember right it has a really tall overdrive gear, like .60 or something close. That’s why you can get to 63 mph on those 6.34 rears. I’m fixing up my personal truck right now. It has 4.17’s and had the direct 107 transmission and it wouldn’t go any faster than yours or quite as fast. I swapped in an Eaton 9LL with the.73 overdrive. I have not driven it yet but I’m almost finished. Gotta mount 8 new drives and put in kingpins and bushings tomorrow. How hard were your kingpins to get out?
  15. smorse54

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    That sounds fair. Keep me posted as I also plan to attend this year. Thanks, Steve
  16. Yes sir, R and 1-5 on the main, like a typical Mack 5 speed, High and Low on the Aux, but you can only shift to High in 4th and 5th gears, R and 1-3 are locked out by an internal gate.
  17. Yes sir I believe that is an overdrive transmission. We don’t have that exact transmission. Ours are all direct. 1 thru 5 on the main stick and reverse, low and direct on the second stick. If yours is what I’m thinking of it has reverse in the main stick... that correct?
  18. Thanks Macktruckman, It's not an a pronounced noise, just noticeable, even with hearing protection on in the cab. I guess I am a stickler for everything being "right" on a truck I drive, and since I use it for my part time grading business being down isn't a option. I guess this would be considered an OD trans then? It tops out at 42 mph in 5th low , and about 63 mph in 5th high. No speed demon, but it pulls my 20 ton dovetail and track loader with ease. I wish I could say it was in good shape when I bought it, but after going through both rears, new axle shafts, new u joints, new clutch and new king pins and bushings, it does OK now. I guess this isn't really my first Mack, I have owned several of the 673 powered military trucks so no stranger to the Mack name!
  19. To transport food compliantly, fleets must adopt certain best practices and consider adding advanced technology. View the full article
  20. U.S. Xpress Enterprises has established the U.S. Xpress Ventures internal business unit, focused on developing and implementing new asset based business models and technology strategies. View the full article
  21. 15 to 16 pints plus and additional 1.5 if axles were pulled and re installed. Same rear as LN8000, and big GMs in the 70's/ 80's
  22. His wife died Sunday, (Easter) morning. The chapter is closed.
  23. Just over 1100 miles one way with my Marmon and M172 trailer. Hopefully 700 miles home with a new B
  24. Claribin hood, early 4 hole Alloy front wheels, long aluminum Mack tanks, Cat powered. Past spring it is almost all hidden under grape vines. Called every dirt hauler, construction company, storage yard and repair shop in St Joe before I found it. Post a few photos after I'm physically next to it. The hood is what I want but the wheels, tanks and Cat parts are a bonus. It's all for my build of my mixer is the how I would have ordered it when new.
  25. Note that the picture of the square plug on passenger side is upside down. It is currently filled to that level, and is atleast 2-3" below axle centerline. It took 7 quarts +/-.
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