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  1. Nice! I like the red interior. That was always my favorite Ch/CL interior. Josh
  2. You guys are very lucky. Most drivers I know or work with wont take the time to clean there trucks even if there paid to. Thanks, Josh
  3. Nice fleet! The old superdog will look good with a Ravens behind her!
  4. I always like the paint scheme like on my Brother 72 R700 myself.
  5. Thanks, actually both doors are completely rotted out but My cousin gave me to doors with it that are first class. The one that was on facebook for 130 was John Higganbothams truck. It was mint. This one was on Facebook and Truck Trader for sale for 25k or 30K but I didn't pay nearly that much for it. No sadly you wont be seeing it any more. He bought a really dark green W900L with a big bunk on it and yes it did have a stainless visor on it but I never really liked it on there so I took it off. I'm going to paint the red visor black for now until I find the right visor that came on it. I know it never ends!
  6. Well Guys it happened about a month and half ago. I finally got my Cousins old Magnum. She needs alot of TLC but I don't mind. My cousin finally parked it do to the power divider going out of it and the frame is really really bad but I have a nice frame same wheel base for already. Out of 4 the Magnums that were in the family this is the last one. I would have posted it sooner but I've been busy on the Super Dog Dump and also been sick with the flew for about 2 weeks. I would like to find the proper Sun Visor for it like all the Magnums had new. Also this the identical twin to Tackaberrys Superliner Magnum. Tackaberrys is 001311 and mine is 001312. Both were sold by Ohare Mack new.Since I took these pictures I have put the original Mack emblems back on the hood as I like them better. Enjoy Guys.
  7. Can't beat Mack Trucks or Mack Trains!
  8. Awesome! Looking really good! Josh
  9. Good to here from you Rob, its been a while! Josh
  10. Albert is right Superliners never came with V8 Emblems from the factory. If you see one with V8 signs someone put them on. All the V8 superliners that have been in my family over the years had them but my dad and cousins put them on.
  11. Peterbilt still makes a 379. Kenworth still makes the W900. I think the 2018 Mack test truck should look more like this!!! I think the sales would be great. Who agrees with me?
  12. I still have both of them!
  13. Great job! If your interested I have a custom red leather interior out of a truck I put a cab on for a guy that is about the same color as what your doing. I'll never use it it but it was to nice to throw away. It just needed cleaned up. I do have some pictures if your interested. Josh
  14. That is not the same Magnum. The one that went to Australia was Tom Browns. The one off Facebook was John Higginbotham's. Too different Magnums.
  15. Just my to cents. It's nice to get high dollar if you can,but You will never get all the time and money out of a truck that you put in it. In a perfect world maybe but we all know this world isn't perfect. Just my opinion, Josh