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  1. Best B-day wishes to Greece! Hope to see the F finished some day.
  2. Try to contact our member Alex G on this matter.
  3. Those "stories" might become a history at any point in our life. So might worth enjoying an existing reality the way "as is". Some of us on here might enjoy reading though.
  4. I am not as impressed by the scale of the mess as of how the description is eloquently worded.
  5. I have done it such way, onto the concrete floor. Got a small oil leak after that and had to hit the pan back in shape during the engine rebuild.
  6. Swedish folks will engeneer to give it ready to American people. Unfortunately not for free though. And as it seems to me as further as way far from free.
  7. Thanks on the advices. Will try some more efforts in the future. My second tank is in the waiting line.
  8. Guys, my trouble with that tank was in a different ball park. It was never polished before indeed. And lots of pitting as a follow. Starting from that point I ordered one of my boys with a grinder to sand all off. He started from 120 grit but had to step back to 60. Spent no less than 3 days getting tonns of alu dust until the most of cavits were gone. Probably sanded off something like 0.3 - 0.5 mm of the wall thickness. Than he followed with all sand papers step by step. That time I went for a trip for a couple of weeks. Found him still sanding when back home! Finally he ended up with 2000 paper having almost no scratches, pitting and so on. But when it was a time to polish that aluminium showed its character. I couldn't do anything with it by common "green" stuff and applied the mentioned above 3M paste I had very good results on Alcoa wheels. It turned out as good as you can see. Nothing better. You have to apply the paste with a piece of cloth. You start rubbing it and found it gets brighter. But the paste becomes to be a black stuff at the same time. So you have to remove all the rest of it until it dries. If you dont it sticks to the surface and the only way to remove is 2000 sand paper. Just a nightmare. Sure I made research on the materials to polish aluminium which are in stock overhere and found nothing to work better so far. Going to try order something else from the States or other country. But there are difficulties with importing liquid stuff.
  9. Timmy, it looks outstanding Observing what you have done with the truck on my 'puter I'm really impressed. Of all the stuff I could find locally the best result was achieved with 3M Marine Polisher, and I'm not satisfied with it. Not bright as hell and difficult to work with. Hand polishing is the only way. So I will try to put my hands on something more successful.
  10. Some months back Barry had to update the site sofware and that forced changes in the interface. Many daily visitors were gone after that moment. Or got scarce. I suppose that was not mostly a matter of the change itself. Probably many got upset of being here for a long time. So additionas troubles dealing with the site made a kind of hit. Previousely that day you usually could see "collapse" in the "members online" count at the top of the page. Facebook makes its work either.
  11. But at the same time we would like to
  12. Welcome to the forum! Vlad
  13. Some folks overhere use home-made devices. Actually it's like a thin tube oil goes through by gravity and fall onto a frypan (usually an actual kitchen frypan!) All that is put into some housing, a kind of big pipe installed vertically with a pipe at the top for smoke. What I saw was a terrible view of really dark black smoke from the exhaust. A lot of heat was produced though. One guy who used it one got fire. He had some ventil in the oil supply pipe to get correct amount of it when burning. He put a bit more than needed and didn't do observation as he used to every half an hour. The oil got over the edge of the pan and leaked outside spreading flame. He had his device in the foundation with concrete floor and walls so no loss excepting smoke, big black oil spot and emotions. Seeing such stuff I lost any intend building one for my shop. Some other guys use factory built units and they work good. My need is a boiler since I have water pipes and radiators. Those I checked out some years back were expensive (starting from $3000) and also required an air compressor which was not included.