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Problems With My Abs On A 2001 Ch

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i hope you guys can help me my abs light on the dash wont go out

i have checked the sensors with a multi meter by spinning the wheels

i have checked the wiring from the module to the sensors

i pulled the front sensors out and cleaned them the multimeter showed they were working anyway

any clues would be appreciated

thankyou kel

ps i am from new south wales Australia so you guys will be answering this when i am sleeping

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Hello kelmack, Well my only suggestion was quickly shot down while reading your post the only time I had an ABS indicater come on was when I blew a seal on one of the drive axles good luck and keep us posted. I own an 01 CX-613 Vision and that's the only problem I have had in the three years I've owned it as far as the ABS is concerned.




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thankyou mackdaddy1911a1 for a intrest anyway

on the module it has a row of lights four are lit up with the letters frt itook as front lft i took as left sen i think is sensor

and vlt should mean volts

is there a reset button somewhere i have been on this all day

i rang mack they said to bring it in and they will hook up the computer but it is a two hour drive eachway

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my 01 vision abs light came on you can quess all day at it but will have to hook it up to find out for sure mine was a speed sensor on the front end

I have see the sensor mount rot off on the rear wheel sensors!Pull the wheels and drums and have a look if they are out board drums!

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I've heard of "six pack abs" before, but I don't have any, probably due to consuming too many six packs, twelve packs, and 24 packs over the years- wait, are y'all talking about anti-lock brakes?..never mind. :unsure:

Maybe you should get some 6-pack abs air-brushed onto you like they do in that hotels.com commercial...

Ever wonder how a blind person knows when to stop wiping?


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You will probably feel better after you make the two hour drive to the Mack Dealer, unless you know what it is in the first place. By the tests you have done your self and it's not showing up to correct the matter, I would send it in. Just my 2since. Keep us posted.


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