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LTL Trunnion cracked

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years back one of my customer/ part-time jobs had a B61SX which had cracked trunnions, they had a professional  welder come in and make repair the right way. he cut  a  massive gouge in  trunnion  and with stick rod  rewelded  back to new condition. todays world everything wire feed welders . the prep is the important part. if BOTH sides are cracked ,you are in different position. $$$ and time wise a set of cut off replacements might be the way to go. with all the cracks , has this unit been over worked? or abused ! 

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I'm sure the quality of that new casting is way above the original. when I had my frame completely apart all of my aluminum castings were of pretty poor quality, never mind the years of use and corrosion damage. A lot of them needed repair and re-machining.

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