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Western Transport were the company that made Mack in Australia, they were a huge privately owned company that were all about been Australian owned and Australian made

They stumbled onto to Mack after WW2 as they couldn't get any Pomy trucks and Mack dealer or agent in Brisbane that couldn't organise a bun fight in a bakery had disassembled Macks new that they couldn't sell

Anderson's (Western Transport) bought the lot and was so impressed with Macks they negotiated with Mack USA to become the importer and distributor for Mack in QLD 

What Westerns couldn't sell as new went straight into their fleet and was sold second hand at a young age

Noel Buntine of Buntine Transport started using Macks on road trains 

If the Mack was tough enough for the hard yacka these companies dealt out it was tough enough for anything

The rest as they say, is history 

So much of the Mack R and F model was actually built, cast, pressed and fabricated in Australia that they were import duty exempt

Anyway, enough waffle from me



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