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Water pump thoughts.

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Has anyone rebuilt the water pump from a 673?. While I doubt that there is. specific "kit" available for this, it should be just a seal and a bearing or two. While it is possible that one or both of these items are no longer available, bearings an d seals are so common that I would be surprised if the ones in this water pump are "special". For all I know this pump could be fine but thought for what it would take, t would be prudent to just refresh it now while it is off. Thoughts?

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I've seen guys on here talk about houses that DO rebuild these pumps.  So, I would assume you are correct, and one would just need the know-how to do it.  I'm sure somebody here will have some detailed advice.

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14 hours ago, Big R said:

I have a water pump I removed a couple years ago from a ends 673. You are welcome to it if you would like to see what you can do without removing yours

I appreciate the offer but I have two water pumps. I do not know the condition of them other than they spin free and smooth, just thought I would replace bearings and seal while it is on the bench. 

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