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We are not alone.

Licensed to kill

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Neil Oliver's observations of Britain are eerily similar to what is happening here in Canada and the USA. It may be a familiar scenario in other western nations including Australia, Germany, Holland and New Zealand as well among others. I had long said that the REAL purpose for the formation of the UN was that the powers that be realized that world domination can never be achieved through military might. It has been tried many times in history and always failed. However, world domination CAN be achieved through politics and we are getting ever closer to this achievement being fully realized. SOME, like the aforementioned Neil Oliver, see it clearly but the masses seem to be easily duped by false narratives perpetuated through both tyrannical governments and their bought and paid for mouthpiece MSM. Unless the masses wake up, I fear a life of slavery for our children and grandchildren. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnxyvcNm4LA

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