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01’ Ch613 E7 350hp…13 spd ?

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I have a 01 ch613 350hp with 10speed trans, 700k.  Might have to pull trans to rebuild couple “forks/gears” (pops out).  At this time would it be worth switching to a 13sp to “livin” up the trk a little since it’s only a 350hp.  Looked into turning up to 427 but that’s 5k also. Otherwise Jst put the 10 back in it.  Didn’t know if 10 to 13 would help that much?   TIA 

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Having more gears on the high side is always more helpful than not having them. If you are purchasing a used transmission from a salvage yard there is no guarantee about what you are getting. If you are getting a reman unit they probably will not accept your 10 speed as a core so there may be more cost involved. the 13 will require a different stick or a at least a new knob than what you have in addition to a little more air plumbing to the knob. Also, the 13 speed is longer than a 10 speed due to the auxiliary box. You will need to have your drive shaft shortened if you switch to a 13. I'm not sure if the mounting locations and cross members are the same for each transmission but that is another thing to check before you make a decision. Do you have an Eaton or Mack Transmission currently?

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I was told from Mack dealer for our yr model it would take turbo and injectors and $60 program and that would make it a 427.   I believe the turbo was basically $3K

I had talked to others that had couple yr older and bumped to a 400 (which helped a lot they said) with Jst a program I believe for $1000/2000 but I assume that’s the difference in a 98 vs 01….??  

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The 400 seem's right, but I thought you have to change the cam key for timing? (Advanced) to go to 427 and up?... Some others will add to this...  There's nothing wrong with the 400... it pulls great...Jojo

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