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I want to change out the cab lights on my B61 to more of a torpedo style. The typical torpedo lights on most trucks these days are awfully big for such a small cab. I DID find a rolled Mack vac truck with what looked like just the lights for me but the guy won't part with them. They are smaller and two piece with a pedestal that the torpedo sits on.  I'm quite sure that there is a special place in hell for people that will change out cab lights with metal housings and glass lenses for plastic housings and plastic lenses though. These are like the ones on the rolled truck. Anyone have a set collecting dust that they would be interested in selling or something similar?. 



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ya i would have thought they were everywhere:idunno:.....i usually try amazon first they have everything...only if its an item i cant walk in and buy.....i love thier variety and service and packaging,,,but i dont like to use them unless i have to....they (ARE) a cut throat outfit on the down side...i always try to trade with a mom and pop retailer if at all possible...bob

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