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Splitting engine/frans

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It looks like i will have to split the engine and trans to retrieve the clutch shaft. What is the simplest way to do this with them sitting on the floor. They are pretty big/heavy to handle. I have a picker to lift and pull the trans back but both the engine pan and trans are sitting on the floor so??????? Thoughts?

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You should hang up the engine a little bit to get the tranny above the floor. Than lay the engine back down on blocks. After that reattach cables to the tranny, put tension to compensate its weight, remove the bolts and move the tranny backwards and off the engine. You can also put forks below the tranny to get it off. But anyway first you need the engine being in position with the tranny off the floor.

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Sit the engine up high enough you can sit the transmission on wood and pipe


Unbolt roll away 

Then roll back in when your done

It is lot simpler to type it here than it is to do

Have a tape measure hand to measure between the faces of the bell housing and the motor to make sure you keep it square



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