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I have this 1960 Mack Wrecker that I would like to sell...

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Hi all!

I have a 1960 Mack Wrecker that I would like to sell, but I really don't know what to ask for it... any help would be much appreciated!  VIN B42P19539.  From the stories I have been told, it was last running in the summer of 2004.  


Mac Wrecker.png

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I had seen one for sale several years ago that was a B42 IIRC. B42 is a gas job and IIRC it was advertised as "not running". Hard to compare condition based on a few pics but that one was up for $4500 IIRC and was still available a year later. Seems ti me it was in PA

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Going to be a tough sale.  B42 is a gas job originally, unless it was repowered along the way.  How rough it actually is will determine if it is worth more then scrap weight.  My guess is around 13-14k lbs, depending on how heavy the wrecker body is.



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You might wind up with a couple grand good luck …. Remember buyer is going to have a bill tow bill right off the bat but personally I’d love to take on that challenge I’m sure lots of us would….. you will certainly have allot of guys interested ….bob 

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