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odd question about macks auto power divider

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I tried this once on a B61ST with a removed rear rear differential and driveshafts. I don't think your truck will want to move with the automatic power divider. The driveline torque will pass right through the front differential. An air locked power divider you can drive a short distance with the rear rear driveshaft removed, but be ginger on the throttle.

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if you have a power.divider switch on the dash, and it still works.... you can drive on the front axle.  just take the intermediate driveshaft out.. you can look at the front diff and see a longer power divider, and there will be a 1/4" air line going to it.. jojo

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Former owner of my R-model did such thing in the past. He just told me and I never saw the event myself. He said he put some fractures or so, probably used hex nuts between the peanuts ends and the outer cam. Blocked the divider that way and got the truck running. Probably for not too short distance and too probably with a semitrailer hooked. You need to remove a yoke and the front cover off the divider housing to get access to the spot. But would you want to get there or not seems as a big matter to consider.

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