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Steering gear box help


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2007 Mack mr688s gearbox is leaking around shaft area. My question is how bad of a job would resealing it be? Instead of buying a reman for $1200

mack part# 8148592SV5R

or does anyone have a rebuild manual on gearbox any help would be greatly appreciated 

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Is it leaking at the input shaft or the sector shaft?  If at the Sector shaft, your done... new box.. There are seal kits for the input shaft, these kits are for several versions, so there will be some leftover parts.. the Mack dealers are proud of these kits.. I have bought them at private truck parts suppliers for less than $50.00.... if it's the input shaft, before you open the seal repair kit,(not returnable).. pull the seal out of the steering box and see if there is a groove on the input shaft at the seal lip line.... if so..... get a new box.... Ok "V" and "F"... you're turn... Jojo

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I have rebuilt these boxes because of the the sector shaft leaking. In the end it's not worth it. After replacing the sector shaft and resealing the box add labor it doesn't make sense. If the inputshaft has a groove, then the box is toast.

Sorry, i wish I had another idea, but as JOJO said it, you are better off with another box. 

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Ok,, this is a new one for me,  when its installed on the truck, align the big arrow to the pitman arm, jack up the front end and turn the wheel all the way both ways and check the range of movement.(engine off)... i'm not sure how it could be off 180 degrees, the sector shaft is only a 1/4 round gear, driven by the input shaft (worm gear)... someone here may have been through this, hopefully they chime in.. When you do get it right, you may have to set the plungers to get the best out of the steering, we will get to that later. Jojo 

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