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arrgh...1999 CH612 auction buy going south in a big hurry


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ex US Postal Service s/a tractor bought from GovPlanet on auction only to find the oil sump filled with pure milk.  Too much time has passed to try to recover anything from the auctioneers even thought they specifically omitted that the condition existed.  So I am hoping for advice here.  First with an MP7 engine and Allison trans showing 700k on the clock what is the truck reasonably worth if fixed and otherwise very clean?  Would like to believe $6k?  I am into it about half that already but to have it towed the 160miles to my shop is going to be a minimum $700 and then there is the time and materials to repair the rig.

second, I know likely head gasket but could also be oil cooler.  Is the compressor water cooled as well?  A pressure test on the cooling system proves nothing other than there is a leak somewhere.  I gather first is to eliminate head gasket by doing a compression test and if good how does one test the oil cooler short of removing it?  Any way at all?  Same with compressor...how to test if the leak is in it? 

I know little about Mack engines so any advice here is greatly appreciated

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thanks for all the advice and I do not believe there is any damage so far...high oil pressure at idle, seems to sound normal

and thanks for the correction on the engine ID error...I am new to Mack trucks


any ideas at all on the ultimate value which I know is going to vary by geography (trucks in the far West where I am seem to be a bit higher priced due to being more remote to the rest of the country)?

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so to clarify on the advice to change the oil and drain and refill the radiator with clear water before driving it to my shop, that the thought is that the leaking of coolant is slow enough to not completely ruin the oil in 160miles and that with no antifreeze the contamination will not be as damaging to bearings and liners?

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I would also pick up a lower PSI radiator cap for the run home. Lower pressure will cause it to run a bit hotter but you will not be forcing as much coolant into the engine.

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