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Nice.   My last bench I built I had some scrap 4x6's and used those for legs.  You can pound on it all you want and it does not move.  The 2x10's on top kinda helps.

Got a call from one of my sub contractors for work.  He was scrapping a large metal table and offered it to me.   It's 10ft x 2ft, 1/4" plate top and sides(riveted together, so it's like a mid'40's-50 table) with a nice vise.  $200!!  I got it for work, gives me someplace to do my repair/welding without having to use tables all around the shop.

My current work table is a 3ft square granite inspection plate!   Ya, it's all we had.....LOL!

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On 8/30/2020 at 10:02 PM, mowerman said:

Got them all finished and secured to the wall even started pegboards my god everything I do takes longer than I thought one more step towards completing still gotta do the bottom shelves ..... bob


Nice looking bench! A good work table is really handy.

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Yes I am anxious to start using them thank you still got a few finishing touches. Going to put up plywood and build shelves finally be driving the Mack  in there This weekend Long Wait bought it 26 years ago finally got a place to restore it .....ha ha the wheels of success turn mighty slow sometimes.... bob

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The bench looks great!

And as long as you get the Mack into the shop you will find out a different feeling of owning it. Any action or work to it could be done at any time. Without bothering of having it or parts exposed to rain or snow of worrying of someone relocate a part or tool you rest interrupting a job.

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 Yes you can take stuff off and just drop the bolts I am parts right where they are...... might be moving the Mack in today if I do my wife is  going to take a video Of it I’ll let you know a little later on you fellas might be in bed bye then And the East Coast three hours later... bob

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