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Saw this one myself, supposedly the story is the guy filming worked for some company driving this truck, it ended up being sold a bunch of times until he bought it, looked it up, and sure enough it’s the truck he used to drive!

Who needs a back yard when you could have a :mack1: Yard?!

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I read all the good and silly comments to that video and he supposedly drove it in his high school prom too. Nice history to bring back home.

My 300+ engine sounds pretty close to that starting cold if it's not plugged in, but does take a bit longer to smooth out running on all six. I imagine that video was shot when the temps were moderate, (~30) given the amount, and fluff to the snow cover. 

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2 hours ago, fjh said:

Pretty tough to beat an E9 V8 for starting in cold weather Usually will start after to or three turns and not be smudging the neighborhood with smoke either! 

Yep. I once worked for a fleet that had a whole bunch of V8's hauling salt all winter. Those things would always start no matter how cold it was out.

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