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Total Excavation

Need source for aftermarket exhaust manifold

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Would someone please direct me to a supplier other than a Mack dealer for the following part numbers.

21010850. Exhaust manifold

21010782. Exhaust manifold

20901575. Stud

370SB24A. Kit?

I have a worn out exhaust manifold on my ‘05 CV-713. 

Trying to fix it with all new parts, but the dealer’s prices are outrageous.


Thanks in advance


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Posted (edited)

You need to go to PAI industries. They supply aftermarket for Mack. You can phone order from any PAI dealership.

If I can make a suggestion against stock (click on attached thread for other parts including exhaust manifold on page 5). 



You need these for your truck.......

Ends are 21090679 (104GC5164M-old number) $284.06, of which you need 2. 

Center is a 21090730, $203.99 (Both 104GC5165M3 (high temp center) and 104GC5165M (regular application) supersede to same number.... 21090730).

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Not to derail this thread, but would a guy gain anything by just changing the manifold only?

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