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  1. I have a fault code 1700-21-03-02 cannot find anything on this ,please help
  2. Thank You that was what I was going to do but with it being a Renault I wasn't sure I have spoke to them they passed me to specs and tech department and have not heard a word
  3. Does anyone have a good source for engine specs head bolt torque and connecting rod torque on these renault engines I am putting one back together and I am having a hard time finding this info I have a M510 in a 1997 MS300 midliner HELP
  4. I have a 1997 MS 300 engine M510 I am looking for head bolt sequence and torque and the connecting rod bolt torque also HELP ME PLEASE
  5. I am changing the head gasket on a ms300 E3 engine. I am looking for the torque and sequence my local Mack dealer cant find it for me told to old. I said isn't that the beauty of owning a Mack they last forever ?Please Help
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