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Volvo's 2020 Mack brand calender to include "pedigreed" trucks


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Todd Dills, Overdrive  /  May 15, 2019

For the fourth year running, Mack Trucks has opened up a contest for six of the spots in its next-year calendar to customer photos. The contest opened April 2 via this link to a special website set up for the purpose, where customers can both enter a worthy picture of their truck as well as vote for favorites already entered.

The contest, open through May 31, accepts nominated pictures in categories corresponding to current models — including the Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite and its MHD version, the LR and TerraPro — and with an additional category for models no longer in production. All nominated trucks must be in revenue-producing service: the truck must be in routine actual use and not kept as a show truck or antique.

Mack’s fans and followers will vote on which truck they like best in each category and are allowed to cast one vote per day, per category for the duration of the contest. Contest entrants are urged to get out the vote through their own social media channels to increase their chances of winning.

Winning trucks will receive a professional photo shoot, courtesy of Mack Trucks, and will be featured in the 2020 Mack Calendar.


Photo 5.jpg

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It still baffles me that Mack can’t figure this out and bring the Aussie line up stateside. The trucks are far better looking and being able to spec them the way you want makes them very desirable. I can’t imagine any other vehicle manufacturer large or small, class 8 or passenger vehicle that would build wildly popular vehicles in one country and dismally sell crappy ones in another large country that begs for the other vehicle that is is not available.   Seems absolutely absurd. No thinking unless the end game really is to end a brand they no longer want to compete with. 

The problems we face today exist because the people who work for a living are outnumbered by the people who vote for a living.

The government can only "give" someone what they first take from another.

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Five percent market share is about close to an end game. The lack of UPS and ABF Mack orders are contributing to the five percent market share as well as a huge decline in Mack construction and refuse.   End games can come on real fast.

Brockway closed its doors overnight.

Cat exited the diesel highway market abruptly.

The Cat truck died a quick death.

The MP 10 and Mack heavy haul ended overnight.

Volvo could pull the plug on Mack in the wink of an eye.:(

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I was stuck like that with the Mack I drove in the eighties , Took a KW wrecker to wrecker to get it out ,just barely. Slid into a  backfilled utility ditch,truck went down to the bottom edge of the door ,tires completly under mud.

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