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ISO U/DM Cab Sheet Metal Parts

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Looking for sheet metal parts to fix the driver side of cab on my 1980 U model mack. Rocker pannel, floor pan, and cab mount bracket, i don't see anyone selling aftermarket, I thought maybe someones got a cab they can cut apart or got old stock parts. Im willing to pay the price whatever you want for the parts if you got em. Located in Easton, CT. Rest of truck is in good shape so I want to fix it. Thanks






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To bran1har - if I were you I'd better look for a better cab. Or better to look for the best one you can find. If in CT try contacting Matt Pfahl in Bethlehem. I remember he had a good DM cab for sale. It was a couple years back though but he might still be having one. Or just another.

Currently I do fixing on a R-model cab. Can tell you the parts you need and amount of labour involved would offset a cost of a good cab. Sure you would need to make the swap. But on the other hand if you want to fix what you have good it's easier, and important thing, much more of quality, to take it off the truck and lay on its back to work with the floor etc.


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I plowed snow with a DM that was rusty. Had to wear rain pants in slushy snow. Boss kept trying to replace the truck but I liked it and made him keep it. Many cans of spray foam, sheet metal kept it going for more years

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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