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Synthetic won't grow metal back, but it is extremely good lubricant.

Mack TO-A Plus approved oils for manual transmissions including your T2180, both conventional and synthetic, are listed on page 19 (link below).


I'd probably choose Amsoil, which I see meets the Mack spec.



Then again, using Mack Bulldog Syn Trans Lube is another strategy.


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It always seems to help (probably my imagination) just when changing the lube with regular lube; in the intervals.

If your comparing the shift with an Eaton trans.; it’s not ever going to happen. I’ve had 2 - T318LR’s & I really liked them but they don’t shift as easy as an Eaton. (My opinion).

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I bought my 12 model from a Mack dealer; had oil analyze ran on the entire truck. The transmission should needing replacing. The manual said either 50w or 80-90w. According to temperature. Everybody on here said 80-90w & that’s what I told salesman I wanted. Anyway I ran it trusting the guy, I changed it because I thought it might need flushing again because of leaking pto housing that I fixed. I put 80-90w in it & it quieted  it down a bunch. I’m in hot atmosphere. I know what I drained wasn’t 80-90w.

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