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F Model in Ohio


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On 6/1/2017 at 9:08 AM, Underdog said:
That cab is newer than 1972... It has a plastic dashboard


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What year did the plastic dash "F" model (Interstater) come out?

I've never known for sure but I always thought it preceded the plastic dash R+3 cab. The only reason I say this is because the first plastic dash "F" models had an olive drab dash in them and I never remember an R+3 cab with anything other a tan interior?



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On 6/2/2017 at 10:33 AM, Underdog said:
My 1970 F parts truck had a steel dash painted olive green.

Gregg, We had a couple of '69 F models that were olive drab, steel dash of course. e also had a '70 that was the same way. The 86" sleeper cab ( Bustleback) came the same time the dash was changed. I think this was also the same time they got the moniker of "Interstater" I just always thought they predated the change to the R+3 cab because the first ones came in the older interior color? Here's a couple of pictures of early plastic dash F models in olive green. Ron6aed9c581d6c3203dc9538b49f54214b.jpg




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There are a couple of other differences in older plastic dash "F" models and later ones too.

The first ones had a different heater/AC box in them with 5 lever controls on them, later ones only had 3. The glove box/cup holder arrangement was different on them too (they both sucked, how in the hell are you going to keep something in a cup holder that's only about 3/4" deep, especially in a truck)!!!!!

The first plastic dash we had was a '75, it had a tan interior, older heater box, and flat channel bumber just like your '63.

The next two we had were '78s, with the later heater box, glove box arrangement, and had the bigger bumper with the tapered ends.

Funny thing about the bumpers, our father, God rest his soul, must have seen a later F model somewhere in his travels and really liked the looks of the new bumper. He liked it so much he ordered one and had it dropped off at the shop. He wasn't too pleased with my brother and I when we told him it wouldn't fit on the older ones. "Why not an F model is an F model !"

Oh well you'll have days like this!







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Looks like you're right, a guy posted an early Interstater brochure on Facebook dying breed diesels.

It had the olive green plastic dash with believe or not a still different heater box.

I asked him what year the brochure was and he said it was dated '73.

So it looks like the R+3 plastic dash came out about the same time.

Still can't understand why one would be tan and the other would be olive green!

Was there ever an olive green R+3 plastic dash "R" model, I've never heard of one?





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