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puff eleminator


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Hooked up puff eleminator today it was unhooked when i bought the truck, noticed a good dercrease in power not much smoke tho not like before is that normal to lose power with it hooked up had more with it unhooked.


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3 hours ago, mack88 said:

Should of stated it has thirteen speed road ranger i was shifting at 1700 rpm. is that to low.

That's not low RPM. Like Frightrainsays  Just ease into the throttle until you hear the turbo start to spool up. Once you have a little boost going then you can put the fuel to the old dog

Remember if it's got a hood it's no good!

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It's not that the smoke bothered me but read up on oil could get deluted.The guy i bought the truck from owed it for the last 15 years and was just used to pull his equipment around not very many miles and regular oil changes was my neighbour.I was possibly looking at doing some highway hauling as of now i just haul my equipment locally , i average 7thou. miles a year.

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