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Ran out of fuel / No start

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2006 LE613 Mack / E7

Truck ran out of fuel coming off the highway.

Added fuel - Filled up filters - Primed Pump 

Tried to start - Driver left Key & Lights on while waiting for me.

Dead battery - Tried jumping Batteries - Changed batteries

Key does not engage starter - No lights at Trans selector - Check fuses at batteries - Found bad wire going into power up fuse - cleaned up all connections

Crank engine - started - Driver shut off - no start

Rechecked fuel pressures - re-primed - bleed out injector lines - has pressure at lines to block

Checked volts at injectors - has 0.3 volts on both sides

Truck runs on Ether assist

Any clues?



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Well sorry for missing this but havent noticed it the thread before as it also appears no one else has not that I would have been any help I know nothing about these motor

Dont think we snubbed you I just havent seen this thread as with some other threads that come along as well the new forum layout makes it easy to miss a new thread or reply  



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If it ran out of fuel it may have picked up some junk in the fuel lines running to the engine.  Disconnect the lines at the tank and before it goes into the filter and shoot 5-10 psi air pressure to see if they are clear.

Don't know what happened but didn't see this post until today.....?


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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did you check the ecm, body control module fuses/relays.  With all the jump starting bad wire stuff you may just have something going on there.  remember that without 10.8 volts to the ecm and the body control module and communication with each other it will try to start, may even start but die after it realizes it doesn't have voltage/communication.  does the LE have the shutdown override switch on the dash? try holding that down and see if it starts and runs with the ecm in override mode, if so its a fault shutting it down(water level oil pressure,etc.)

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