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Question about varying idle speed

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My RS has always started and ran like a top but the idle speed varys !st gear idling through a parade it runs 700 RPM a bit high but driving down the road hit the brakes and slow to a stop it goes down to where it should be but will pick back up after a bit. I put a stiffer return spring on the linkage it doesn't help it does surge sometimes idling but most 237s I have ever dealt with did that too. I don't want to turn the idle down for fear it will be to low on the occasion it drops down to where it should be.

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Sounds like its idling off of the linkage being not able to return all the way.Check the lever on the governor and see that it returns against the idle stop crew an has some movement to spare.If its not against the cab then it needs to come off for the governor repairs.

glenn akers

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Yup the lever has springs holding it in each direction look closely at it if there is a gap where the springz contact the lever replace the lever How ever by what your describing it my be  worn internal governor parts,

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