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Heavy Duty R 600


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heavy duty R 600

have never seen a R model on 24 inch rubber out here its giving me a chubby thats for sure shame I have got a shortage of coin at the moment (as per normal) this money thing gets in the way of so many good plans LOL




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The RM's were such a fixture of the Australian Army for decades that we forget about the ADF's earlier Macks.



On another note, here's one of their right-hand drive Diamond Reos (they also ran Diamond Ts).


Australian Army Diamond Reo.jpg

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Im fairly sure that truck would have had a drill rig on the back by the looks of it its not ex army and maybe even came out here LHD and was converted to RHD later one the first R700's sold by Mack Australia were LHD

Either way looks like it needs to shift a few thousand km's north 



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7 hours ago, Maddog13407 said:

something is a miss with that truck. looks like B81 front axle, definitely has a b model air cleaner and  I don't know how long Mack ran the elephant ears mounting for the trunion

Air cleaner was standard on all Macks in Australia till the coolpowered ones came out then they only used  that style on no Mack engined trucks out here 

Elephant ears have never heard them called that before will still used into the 80's 

And that style of front axle was used until the early 80's as well or at least hubs with that style cap on on the lighter Mack front end but when axle limits changed they changed did away with that style

I dont think that would be a lite weight front axle though  


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I have been doing some thinking about this truck ( I know I shouldnt ) it may have been only supplied for evaluation to to the Army for a tank transporter as the Army bought Leyland Contractors for tank transporters at this time not Macks and before then they still used WW2 Diamond T's and Federals after the Leyland's the Used S line Inters and after that MAN's but never Macks 

And its not one of the Macks the Army bought in the 80's they were all 6x6 and Flinstone fronted

Federal truck in Vietnam 

Federal 604 in Vietnam war Australian Army.JPG

Diamond T's taking Army tanks out to Maralinga for  nuclear testing 



Leyland Contractors 



IH  S line's which were used as triple road trains by the army as well



and today they use these MAN's for shifting tanks 



but at no stage as far as I know did they ever use Macks like the one advertised which makes me wonder was it a special for the Army trials when they bought the Leylands instead 




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