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2015 Mack "Highway" truck brochure

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I have to say that the current (2015) Mack highway truck brochure is the worst to ever represent the brand. Clearly, Volvo hired an advertising company (VSA Partners) which is completely clueless about the truck industry.

The painfully bland theme of the brochure, beginning with a cover photo that lacks a truck, prevents customers from even picking up a copy. I will say though, that the unevenness of the highway in the photo reflects the current state of Mack brand management.


Looking at that truckless empty highway on the cover, one is reminded of the lifeless "Born Ready" video in which trucks are shown less than half the time (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAgDmL2oYRA

When trucks are visible...........they are always in the background. The video appears to have been originally created for a work clothes manufacturer, and resuscitated in a bid at Volvo's Mack brand business.

VSA Partners claims to be a next-generation brand and marketing firm that "designs and activates brands to perform in the modern world" (http://www.vsapartners.com/about/).

In order to perform in truck sales marketing, one needs to know something about trucks. And VSA doesn't. But Volvo is obviously to blame for yet another flop in its brand re-identification strategy for the American truck industry's most well known name in trucks.

On another note, Volvo has erased spec sheets from the Mack brand website (http://www.macktrucks.com/trucks/pinnacle-series/pinnacle-day-cab/). All one can do is download the "highway brochure", which negates listing all but the most basic specification information. There's no substitute for a spec sheet.

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Yes, I miss the old brochures. But still, it could be worse. Look at the other manufacturers.

International rarely makes a brochure any more. Not even online. And when they do most of the specs are outdated or inaccurate.

Pete doesn't make brochures at all.

KW still makes a nice brochure, but they don't use real pictures any more. Every year they just change the color on their computer-generated cartoon graphics.


At least Freightliner and Star still make nice ones.

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