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EN402 Low Oil Pressure & Rod Knock


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I am evaluating a B-42 with an EN402. It sat for about 15 years before I started it in Fall. Today I started it again and ran it for an extended period. The oil pressure was reading 20 psi at cold idle, and never climbed beyond that. However, after some time the oil pressure began to drop and a knock became more pronounced. I would appreciate any input on:

1) whether it is worth trying to flush out the motor with diesel or another oil treatment

2) whether this motor is junk and I should look for a new one, or

3) if bearings are available and the job is reasonable 

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My experience is the same - once you here the knock, it is over. However, there was a honda I used as an icer-racer where I simply dropped the oil pan and replaced the main bearings. It ran a few more seasons. No such luck here?

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It depends on what your plans for the truck might be.  Sure, for a once a year parade truck, throw parts at it and see how long it goes.  If you want to do more with it, you will have to do more to it or change to a better motor.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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