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  1. I went to see this truck in spring and have plenty of pictures, the truck is rough but appears all there. Owner is reasonable and prefers it is not cut up.
  2. My experience is the same - once you here the knock, it is over. However, there was a honda I used as an icer-racer where I simply dropped the oil pan and replaced the main bearings. It ran a few more seasons. No such luck here?
  3. I am evaluating a B-42 with an EN402. It sat for about 15 years before I started it in Fall. Today I started it again and ran it for an extended period. The oil pressure was reading 20 psi at cold idle, and never climbed beyond that. However, after some time the oil pressure began to drop and a knock became more pronounced. I would appreciate any input on: 1) whether it is worth trying to flush out the motor with diesel or another oil treatment 2) whether this motor is junk and I should look for a new one, or 3) if bearings are available and the job is reasonable
  4. Saw on CL: http://newyork.craigslist.org/jsy/hvd/5358122040.html also, been posted several times, a brass dog for $100: http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/atq/5358190470.html
  5. Saw this the other day but didn't catch it, then I saw it again today at Town Hall. Regularly working around here.
  6. Great stuff there. I would also add that any original titles or documentation help quite a bit. Most people enjoy a sense of history, so old pictures are a nice touch. Having paper and running/yard driving will likely have the biggest impact on sale price.
  7. Thank you for the graphic warning, that certainly makes it real. Does finding a safe alternative steel wheel involve changing hubs? Or was there a non-split rim that will work here I can find through local truck tire guy or classifieds?
  8. These were at 20ish psi when I found them and I aired them up to 45. I would like to add more unless that sounds like a bad idea. Primary focus now is just making the truck self sufficient enough to load/unload and pull into driveway. Maybe air them up with welding gloves and a motorcycle helmet?
  9. got it. was a dump truck in its last configuration.
  10. Matt, thank you. I may reach out again when I have the paperwork in my hand to ask for a bit more advice. I haven't figured out how to post a picture here yet, but will put some up soon. It is a B-42X with an 18 spd. I got it running and drove it back and forth a bit a few weeks back. The brake and gas pedal are corroded solid, I have the replacements and need to make a temporary fuel system (and some time to go visit the truck again). My next question will be regarding what appears to be split rims on the front. I aired them up to 45 lbs but would appreciate guidance on how cautious I need to be around them.
  11. I recently acquired a B-42 and live in Connecticut. Has anyone here had any experience with registering a B in Connecticut for non-commercial use? I was also hoping to paint the name of my business on the truck, although that is more for personal pride. I sent the sn to the Mack Museum in July and I am looking forward to learning more about the truck and developing a plan to paper/register it before I invest too much into getting it rolling again.
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