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Series 1 Super Liner


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Ok all you jokers that are over at least 40 years of age as it wont have enough power for the younger crew they will 600hp plus LOL

 heres a tuff old truck with a Mack Sleeper not a real long distance runner as it has no long range tanks but will go all day between drinks I reckon 


dunno about the steering wheel though 





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strobe lights ????????


yeah its a bit of coin but the old Superliners are still worth a packet out here as they say they just dont make them like that anymore but were else are you gunna buy a truck rated to 200 ton or 440,000 pounds as the US ton is only 2000 pound for that type of coin the E9 was a hard motor to beat in its day and still is today and the Maxitorque trans well pretty much the whole trucks are to beat back when new and still hold there own now 30 years later 

and I could see me loosing a finger real quick in that steering wheel 


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That steering wheel... Looks to be 10mm chain? Surely 8mm chain would suffice. 

Paul is right, if you have a v8 superliner here in Aus it will attract big dollars. After reading the rarity of parts on here, I will never own one, not for the prices they want. 

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3 hours ago, tjc transport said:

sure looks like he has strobe lights mounted on top of the air intakes.

ok thats what you call them I call them orange flashing lights strobe lights were in discos or night clubs LOL



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