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B-61 Hood Trim


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Got some hood trim from a past B-61 I owned that ultimately had to be scrapped.

The long pieces are in great shape, the letters and dogs are a mixed bag.

If you're interested (or have any questions about them), PM me with an offer, and I'll probably just sell them for whatever the best offer is that I get by the end of the weekend - unless someone jumps in early with a number I can't refuse :-)





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Hey - sorry for no response. I've been away from the computer for a few days with snow cleanup, work, and a nasty sinus infection, but the program was still open in the background.

So I'm just seeing these replies.

I also have a couple PMs that I was planning on responding to Monday after work, so let me see who's looking at what pieces, and I will reply to all of you with PMs.

Again, sorry if it looks like I've been online, but not responding....

I think that everyone is looking for different pieces, so it should work out well....


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Thanks to everyone who's replied.

Here's where we're at:

The "Mack" scripts are sold

The "Diesel" scripts are sold

The "Thermodyne" scripts are sold.

So that leaves the Dogs, the one B-61 script, and the straight SS pieces....

Mike F - if you're interested in the B-61 script, you can PM me with an offer. Not sure if you noticed, but there is only one of those.....

Thanks all!

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    Let me know what you want for them and we go from there my 61 is being shipped from Pa soon.



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12 hours ago, james waylon said:

i'm looking for a b61 mack hood emblem

They used to be avalible at Watt's Mack, the owner of this web-site. But seem currently out of stock. Worth to make a call and check out.



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