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  1. Is there a question of series versus parallel when hooking up 2 12 volt battery's and not using 4 battery's in my B61T..?.
  2. When installing 2 new 12 volt battery's in my 57 B61T how do I know if it is series or parallel as both cables are red or black?? Thanks Mike
  3. Just installed 2 new 12 volt battery's in my 57 B61T this truck has not run in a couple of years, I have no lights or power starter does not turn over, any help with what the problem can be ?? Thanks Mike
  4. Maybe someone can help, installed 2 new 12 volt battery's in my 57 B61T this truck has not run in 2 years have no lights or power, starter does not turn over , any ideas??



  5. I have not started my 57 B61T yet as i have to get batterys is this truck positive ground as built???
  6. I read about the spw it is under the seat with a box covering it what does it actually do?.
  7. Have not yet started my B61 which was transported from Pa. My question is per the build sheet it is a 12 volt system??? Can I run 2 12 volt battery's instead of 4 6 volt battery's?? Thanks Mike
  8. would like to purchase a gd used door let me know how much thanks mike
  9. Mike Let me know what you want for them and we go from there my 61 is being shipped from Pa soon. Thanks Mike
  10. Anyone have a glovebox door gd used?? Thanks Mike
  11. Hey Mike are the dogs and the one b61 emblems still available?
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