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French Mack


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At first I thought the Mack truck my new employer owns was cool, till I found out it is actually a Renault! Since I am the maintenance manager here I get to fix whatever goes wrong with our vehicles. The 1995 Midliner is reliable enough, but when something breaks I have a hard time accessing any info and parts seem scarce and expensive. This forum is my way of getting help with those areas. The combination turn signal, dimmer and horn switch died, and I found out that if you can find one on Ebay it will cost serious dough. So I installed separate non stock toggles and a momentary button for each function. Works like a charm! Thank you for being here.

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The Mid-Liner combination turn signal switch is no longer available from Mack? What did Watts Mack say when you called them?

I believe the Mack part number is 4103-5000361541. Under the former (and superb) Mack part-numbering system, 4103 was the vendor code for Renault.

These switches are readily available in Europe.

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In the small world we live in today I would have thought it would be pretty easy to track down parts on google and you would have them in a week or so

Good little trucks the Midliner

one in the US http://www.ebay.com/itm/MACK-RENAULT-MIDLINER-DIRECTIONAL-SWITCH-4103-5000361541-/151875520975

google is your friend LOL


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