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1950 Mack A30 Dump for Parts or Restoration $2500 or BO


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Selling my 1950 A30 with dump body. Purchased in 2006 to restore. Runs and dumps. I blasted paint off of the fenders and that's when project went south. A real mechanic and a real body person would probably restore this truck to look and drive great. I disassembled breaks and started to replace everything before I realized I was over my head. Cab, bed and drive train never removed. Here's a good list of what you'll get.

  • Decent cab. Good sheet metal.
  • Interior is fair. Has seats that are marginally functional. Needs new seats.
  • Grill is in very good condition.
  • Fenders with lots of good metal with crappy repairs by me.
  • Hood in good shape requires new piano hinges on both sides.
  • One original running board in great shape and one almost completed new running board, some metal work needed.
  • Blasted and primed light buckets with parking lights...great condition.
  • Frame that's been modified or repaired. Doublers welded on near cab/dump division. Drives straight.
  • Dump body modified with cab protector, lot's of metal work needed (could scrap or repair).
  • Mack Magnadine 331 Straight Six. Ran up until 2 years ago.
  • Mack Rear End, no issues.
  • Master cylinder rebuilt and the vacuum booster rebuilt (looks new).
  • All or most of the parts to completely restore the breaks.
  • Blinker buckets for mounting on fenders.
  • 6 new 9x20 tires, rims blasted and painted gray. Two front tires original tread, 4 rear are retreds. 6 tires on truck are 10x20s. Rubber is junk and suicide rims can be scrapped for $.
  • New window channels from Watts still in plastic
  • Numerous other odds and ends such as new motor mounts, gaskets, carb rebuild kit.

Thanks for looking. I'm in Beverly, MA. Selling truck as is where is. You'll have to haul out of my backyard or arrange for transportation. Call me at 978-223-3346.







Mack Picture For Rich.pdf

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Is the windshield leaking? It looks quite rusty on top of the dash board? I think this truck would be cool to repower with the 6bt Cummins. I know that some purists would banish the idea from being mentioned. But, it would make the unit a lot snappier than what the flat head gas job provides. I wonder if there is enough room to shoe horn the Cummins into it?

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Wiper stud holes are open to mother nature if my eyes are correct...hence the rusty dash.

As for the cummins swap, if the existing is not able to be repaired I'd say yes. If the original is a runner or capable of running...I can only say :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

My $0.02

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GMerrill, I was thinking that the Cummins 6bt would make it a daily driver. The 331 gas job would be too thirsty and too underpowered for frequent running. However, if you are looking at it as a strictly historic piece then yes, the 331 is the only way to go. Isn't this truck up in your neck of the woods?

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