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Looking thru some old Truckin' life magazines the other day and came across these pictures the caption says Wayne Burgess of Heybridge Tasmania, sent in these phot graphsof a B43 Mack his father,

Ain't a B but impressive non the less! Shovel is 95,500 ls (43 metric tonnes) plus truck and trailer. All with 70 h.p. and a pair of "double" brakes, external rear brakes by foot pedal and an internal

KooL photo! When men were men and you need a lifetime supply of toothpicks.

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On 5/22/2017 at 9:52 PM, h67st said:

Looks like my wife when I tried to bring home yet another Mack!


I have seen quite a few photo's of Australian woman with guns near a truck from this era 
People were a lot tougher back then than we are today
Having said that we dunno whether hubby had got on the turps blown the dough at two up ( a Aussie coin game ) or maybe just was talking about trading the NR on a B model LOL


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Freshly flogged from Faceless book

Gary Skinner writes 

"My dad with abit of a log on board around 1946  l believe."


Another shot of the old Mack murgen area Dorrigo



I believe its a EH Mack 



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well it's been a while so time for a update here

Dunno if either of these are Mack, I know one for sure isnt, from Western Australia 


Dunno how much it weighs but its gunna be a fair amount, guessing upwards of 40 ton

I cant read all the writing added to the photo 


Maybe you blokes can work it out

I reckon this says 28 feet long, dunno CLAG 34 feet means but guessing some thing to do with circumference of the truck



A white Road Boss with a bit of timber on board


Loaded for Diamond chip mill  Manjimup WA.142.5 tonnes  gross.About 1990/91..



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Some more freshly flogged from Facelessbook


Mack truck hard at work in the Kinzua region of Oregon in the Pacific north west. 

(photo from Smithsonian Inst. Washington DC)FB-IMG-1614594566374.jpg



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