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List of NOS Reman Mack Turbos for Sale

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We bought out a warehouse that had some NOS parts for their old R-model Mack fleet; I'll go through and make a list of what all we've got as we go through it. For now, here's a list of new reman turbos we have for sale:

AiResearch - 4LE 303 / X631GC486

Brand Unknown - 631GC463

Tip Turbine - 418GB46 MAT / TF7301

Schwitzer - 4LE 303 / X631GC486

2 x AirResearch - TV-61 / X631GC4101P17

Brand Unknown - TE0648 / X631GC487 (Looks like an old style 237 turbo)

Mack - 4LE 292 / TV7703? (The three could be something else) / X631GC5111P2

AiResearch - TV-77 / X631GC5106P6

Garrett - S3 / 631GC5123P5

We'd take $400 each on the turbos and on the one tip turbine we'd do $250. I don't what these will cost to ship yet, but I'm guessing around $40ish.

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Hi Do you still have the 418GB46 tip turbine for sale?

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