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  1. 350 engine with a Robert Bosch pump? Do you have a good clutch for it and can you send more pictures by email? Thanks.
  2. What Mack engine and trans does it have and how is the condition of the cab? Also, where are you located?
  3. How much you want for the whole truck and where is it located?
  4. Where is the truck located and what is the difference between a Valueliner and an R-Model?
  5. Very nice Mack there. Good luck with the sale. See you are out of Lititz. I work over in Lancaster and have been to the Mack show there in October before. Didn't make it this year. I'm still looking for an F-Model myself, but one that is a little easier on the wallet to buy.
  6. How many miles on it and was the engine ever rebuilt?
  7. Did you get a chance to get any more pictures of the MH?
  8. Alright. Thanks and looking forward to seeing them.
  9. The engine bay area, under cab, and pictures of frame, trans, and rears. Did you do any more work to it?
  10. Do you still have the MH for sale? And if so could you get more pictures of it?
  11. How much you asking for the unit?
  12. Did you buy the truck from Sparr Truck in Florida? It looks familiar as I was inquiring about a truck that looked exactly like this one from them about a year or more ago. Nice unit!
  13. Very nice F-Model! Wish I could find a nice cab somewhere...I'm looking at one now that needs rust repair. Anyone ever weld in a whole new floor or is it not worth it?
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