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I have never tried one of these but have heard good things.

I have come across a 2 stick version and it would be good to hear some opinions on this box.

Also, a few questions:

  1. Does anybody know the top gear ratio or was there more than one version? All I know so far is that it was matched to a 285 Coolpower from new. I am waiting for the model number.
  2. Is the later single stick 12 speed based on this box and, if not, is it worth waiting to find a later series single stick?
  3. How difficult would you rate this box to use as compared to a T2090/T2100. This truck is not in use every day but a driver may need to get behind the wheel now and then. Of course an Eaton would be more driver friendly but this truck was always "all Mack" and I would like to preserve that if I can find a decent box. Not to go on too much aboout it, but this is our first Mack and I don't ever want another T2090. We have bought an Eaton 18 speed for this truck but am looking for a convincing reason to go back to a Maxitorque.

As always, any advice/opnions would be greatly appreciated.

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