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Picked up my cargo bed last weekend

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I picked this up to install on my RS for parade season I have to run it down to the sand blaster when I find someone to let me use a heated shop to prime it in sometime it really sucks not having a heated shop anymore. The bed has a drop tailgate it will be painted red to match the truck and have LED clearance lights installed and the flat areas between the ribs will get polished aluminum inserts and I am going to custom build seats and rails along the inside for the veterans to seat themselves during parades. This was a cargo bed from a M35 military truck I cut it down and you can see on the rear how much I sectioned out then welded it back together and put it on a military semi tractor years ago when I sold the truck the new owner wanted a different style bed on it so he took it off and let it sit at a friends farm who offered it to me for three hundred dollars being as cheap as I am I couldn't pass the deal up.





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I initially felt bad when you were going to remove the fifth wheel. But that red body with aluminum inserts (diamondplate?) between the ribs will really dress up that RS. Could be a stiff ride for the vets, though--watch for those speed bumps!

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I hear ya with the speed bumps Im going to lower the tire pressure a bit since it will not be loaded down I will use the truck in the fall to haul firewood home from some of the farms I cut wood at so I will have to remember to air them up again. I was going to use diamond plate if I can find it at a decent price I have good aluminum sheets here that will polish up nice its just like what they make street signs with I think the truck will look good with the bed on it. I sectioned the bed to make it look good on a semi tractor it doesn't have the long overhang off the back its just long enough to put a nice set of mack mud flaps on and still clear the rear tires.

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I have a line on the steel hardware for the troop seats I will machine some red oak slats for the back rests and seat bottoms I really wish I had a place to park inside. I could marine varnish the oak and leave it natural for a better look but parking outside the sun would destroy them in a season.

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Seems to me like a good idea.

Hope it will turn out nice and we'll see the result soon.

Just keep the fifth wheel in your yard and keep the ability to put it back.

It's not difficult though.

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