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Mack B42 Diesel repowered tandem dump for sale


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1959 Mack B42 tandem dump for sale. I've owned the truck for about 15 years and used it as a site truck with the idea of restoring it . I have since acquired a B81SX tandem dump with less than 98K original miles and have decided to do that truck instead. This truck was repowered with a N/a 673 at some point and runs great , It has a duplex trans and power steering . Cab is in great shape as it has had a full cab shiled over it from new . there is some minor rust at the front fender bottoms and some rot at the rear of the frame. 10.00 X20 tires on Daytons and a few 11R22.5's as well. It originally had an air starter that went bad and I bought a starter ,generator and series parallel switch and had the starter and generator rebuilt but never installed as we only had to push it aobut 5 feet and it was running every day! All goes with to the new owner. Runs yard drives and dumps well. Some minor oil leaks . Hope someone here will give it a new good home. $5500 OBO. Call me at 570-419-1099


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