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  1. The truck is located in Williamsport, Pa. and the price is $12,500 for all.
  2. Health issues force me to put this truck up for sale . It has a 673 and a Unishift trans that has some issues. The truck only has about 235k original miles and one of the best cabs ever to survive . I know of no body filler in it ! I have a restored Duplex trans that goes with it as well as a mostly complete parts truck. With very little work this would be the best B61 out there
  3. Still looking for a TRDL 725 transmission Still havent given up hope . Almost getting too old to change transmissions out but might still giw it a try if I find one....
  4. Im not familiar with the monoshift unless that is a generic term for the Unishift. Is your trans a TRDL725? Are you willing to part it out if it is?
  5. I have a Unishift transmission in my B61 that has a split aux case. I have a Duplex to install in the truck and was wondering if anyone has done this before. Im curious if the mounts and bell housing flange are the same and if I can use the air assist clutch that comes with the unishift trans with the duplex. I also have a doner parts truck with a triplex in it . Any comments ???
  6. I've been searching for more than a few years for a TRDL725 Unishift Transmission for my B61 I still haven't given up hope of someone running across one. I'm willing to pay a considerable amount for one to keep my B61 all original. My rear case is split and I also would consider one that has a good case for parts to repair mine. I have a beautiful truck sitting because of the trans and hate to alter it to drop in the Duplex I have sitting in the shop. Send me a Pm here and I'll get back to you
  7. Need a good TRDL725 Unishift Transmission or one with a good aux section. Call me at 570-419-1099 Thanks
  8. Looking for a good Mack RD triaxle dump with total mechanical. It would be nice to find one with at least a 350 engine and good frame rails!!! Cammel back 44's or 46s and 18 or 20 front triaxle. Pintle hook and air to the back a bonus,. Want a steel body but would consider the right aluminum one 17- 1/2 foot or under. No old coal trucks. Call me at 570-419-1099 Looking for something close to Pa or surrounding states. Thanks.
  9. I also have had many R, U and DM Macks that had chrome bulldogs and all Mack components all of these were Thermodines or 237 maxidines , I was told that the gold dog was used on trucks with all Mack components and the 300 or 325 engines. I have one R with a 300 and a gold dog and also have owned 4 others with 300's and all had the gold dogs-
  10. Just got a Cl713 and the spedo and odometer don't work. Any ideas on how to trouble shoot the system understand it 's all electrical Has a 8LL trans in it-
  11. Has anyone done any conversion of the old style brakes / chambers to use maxi brake chambers on them? Any Ideas here are appreciated !!
  12. If you decide to restore it mine has a perfect original shift knob and air valve that I can take a picture of for you-
  13. If you decide to part it I would be interested in the transmission. I have a B61 with a TRDL725 Unishift trans that the rear case split. Been looking for a few years now for the right one for my truck . Am about ready to drop a duplex in it till I find the right one=
  14. 1959 Mack B42 tandem dump for sale. I've owned the truck for about 15 years and used it as a site truck with the idea of restoring it . I have since acquired a B81SX tandem dump with less than 98K original miles and have decided to do that truck instead. This truck was repowered with a N/a 673 at some point and runs great , It has a duplex trans and power steering . Cab is in great shape as it has had a full cab shiled over it from new . there is some minor rust at the front fender bottoms and some rot at the rear of the frame. 10.00 X20 tires on Daytons and a few 11R22.5's as well. It originally had an air starter that went bad and I bought a starter ,generator and series parallel switch and had the starter and generator rebuilt but never installed as we only had to push it aobut 5 feet and it was running every day! All goes with to the new owner. Runs yard drives and dumps well. Some minor oil leaks . Hope someone here will give it a new good home. $5500 OBO. Call me at 570-419-1099
  15. Still hopelessly looking for a TRDL725 Unishift trans. My aux section case split and a great B61 is sitting in my shop waiting for me to find one. I would consider a TRD72 , TRD720 , or a TRD722 to put into it to be able to use it until I find a good unishift. Call me anytime at 570-419-1099 Thanks to all that have tried to help so far.
  16. Is the Unishift out of the gas truck or something that was transplanted with the Cummins? I have been looking for a replacement for my unishift but it is a TRDL 725 Anyone know if the torque rating of this one would be enough for my 673 and if it would bolt up without any major mods>?
  17. Im looking for a Unishift Transmission TRDL725 for parts or a good complete take out- My aux section case is split and ? what else I might need to fix it- Also looking for a good Duplex to put in the truck until I can find the right stuff to get the Unishift back in it- Call me anytime at 570-419-1099 Thanks-
  18. I have a beautiful B-61 that is sitting in my shed because of a failure of the aux section of it's Unishift Transmission. I'm looking for some help finding a replacement or a parts doner one or as a last resort possibly a duplex trans to put in it until I find the correct replacement one or parts. My truck has only just over 200,000 original miles and as far as I know NO body filler in it anywhere---- So it's way too nice to leave sit. Any help would be appreciated in the form of parts trans or referals . I've posted this here before and had lots of great guys try to help but just haven't connected with the right stuff yet- My trans is a TRDL 725 . If anyone has replaced a Unishift with a Duplex Id like to know what Im in for to do the change over with the air assist clutch and bolt ups- Feel free to call me anytime at 570-419-1099 Thanks to all that have tried to help in the past-
  19. Still looking for a good used TRDL725 Unishift transmission. I would also consider a parts one with a good aux section. I've got a great original B-61 that is sitting way too long needing the trans fixed or replaced call me at 57-419-1099 Thanks to all that have tried to help in the past-
  20. George- Thanks for the help with the manuals. I do infact have a Service manual that covers the unishift trans. Never know if you need more info than you have, Am I reading the price right at 2K for the B61 ? Does it run?
  21. I might be interested in it - Give me a call at 570- four one nine- 1099
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