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88 superliner driveline noise with video....... Help


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Ok so I have this noise coming thru the shifter that only happens under a load after driving on the highway for about 20 mins. My truck is a 1988 Superliner 350 with a new 9 speed trans (less then 10000 miles) I think it's coming from the rear drive shaft that connects the 2 rears but I'm not sure. Anybody have any ideas? Please help.trim.xpffRx.MOV

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Scott take a tape measure and wrap it around the worn tire and again on the new how much difference do you have? After you told us this I think it could be the power divider trying to engage, because the front and rear drive shafts are moving at different speeds. I had a old superliner do this to me while on the freeway it would take some time, then the truck would start to quiver and the drive train would get very noisy I could depress the clutch for a few seconds and it would go away then it would rebuild and repeat.

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After searching and reviewing I thought it might also be important to mention I did recently replace 4 tires on the front rear axle and are running half worn tires on the rear axle. I'm not trying to jump to conclusions but could this be causing my problem?

In a short answer yes because Im assuming you have Mack diffs the power divider in a Mack diff is not like one in a normal truck as in there are not a third differential you might have to take 2 new tyres of the front axle and put them on the back axle on the opposite side to the ones on the front axle and it counter it out


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Measured my new tires revs my old ones. My new ones have about 2 more inches then the old when u measure the circumstances. I'm gonna switch 2 new tires to the rear axle and see if it changes.

Haha I can't believe I but "circumstances" on my last post. I totally meant circumference. Well anyways I rotated 2 of the new ones to the rear axle on the opposite side, drove it 300 miles and wouldn't you know the problem is gone!!! So basically I'm gonna get 4 new tires and save the half worn out ones for spares!! I just want to say I have learned so much from this website and its been extremely helpful. We have 2 1988 superliners that work everyday and we couldn't be more happier! Thanks again for your help mrsmackpaul and gearhead204!!!!!

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