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Should I put a 18 speed in my truck


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I have a 2007 Mack CHN 613 with a mack 460P, standard mack 10 speed trans, mack 4.17 rears, 11r24.5 rubber. New charge air cooler, egr value + cooler, new turbo. Just had the ecm reflashed for additional 100 HP. The truck runs 1300 rpm in 10th @ 55 mph or 1850 rpm in 9th. Most of the time we are running 55 mph.

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i can't see any reason not too, you will really like the 18 speed. iv had several trucks with 18's 13's 10's and 9's. 18's are a slight step above a 13, but splits in the high side are normally what is needed. not a huge differance in drivability between the two but both a huge step of from a 10 or 9 in driveability. my current truck has a 13, if i ever have to replace the trans ill probably replace it with a 18 as i do a lot of offroad but no issues with using a 13.

biggest differance is 200 rpms between gears vrs 400. so you would be able to run 1600 at 55 vrs 1300 or 1800 by running in 17th

you don't half to use every gear you can skip gears you dont need but there there when you do need them.

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I would run the Mack 10/speed until it broke or I needed a clutch then go to a 13 or 18. If you don't need to split the low side get the 13 itll be cheaper, and remember going from a 310 to a Mack 13/18 your rpm will run about the same in top gear but an Eaton is geared lower on the top end so for ease of install and keeping gearing the same go with a mack 313 or 318.

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