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  1. Has anyone ever put a Fass pump system on a ASET engine? If so did it make a difference in performance.
  2. Has anyone changed a variable vane stock turbo to a non variable/ standard turbo on a Mack ASET 460 engine with success/no codes?
  3. Make sure you have at least 60 psi of fuel to your unit pumps, sometimes the check valve could be weak. Also when the dealer inputs the serial numbers for the unit pumps make sure they calibrate the foot throttle.
  4. I have a 2007 that was originally a 427. This was a dud when I first bought it,so I decided to have it turned into a 460P from the Mack dealer. It helped but it was a bitch to shift bc of the egr. So I sent the ecm to Heavy Duty Diesel Tune to have the egr deleted and turned up 100 hp. The truck was so much easier to shift but my torque was flat, I liked the 460P Tune better. So then I replaced all my unit pumps and put stage 2 injectors from Rochester in. Wow! What a difference it blows some smoke and has instant power. Keep in mind you need to have someone program your unit pumps to the ecm so the truck will run smoother.
  5. What is your fuel pressure from the supply pump? If you're not maintaining 70 psi your pump is weak, or you have a bad check valve.
  6. The hose used for that is plastic fuel line, same as your fuel return.
  7. That filter is between the two oil filters and the starter
  8. Make sure you have good flow coming out of your coladessent filter that feeds the trubo control
  9. Did you pressure check the charge air cooler?
  10. Did you change the mass air flow tube?
  11. https://youtu.be/R3p-dY5ehMQ. Copy of a link for a Lipe clutch you might consider this as a option.
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