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VMAC I fault code list


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V-Mac 1&2 have an inline injection pump on the right side of the engine. V-Mac3 has 6 electronic unit pumps (EUP) on the right side instead of an inline pump.

Code 3-1 on V-Mac3 is the exhaust temp sensor(behind turbo in exh. pipe). Code 8-3 is EUP #3. Really need the FMI for each fault/code to determine the diagnostic path. For example- for the 8-3 fault, if the FMI is 8 (abnormal) then most likely the problem is an internal fault with the EUP.

Only way to get the FMI is with some type of code reader(v-mac software, pro-link or other similar device)

BTW, if you end up replacing the EUP, you have to replace the injection line as well. Any time an injection line is removed on ai/ac engines (egr type engines) the injection line has to be replaced. The correct torque is critical on these lines to prevent leaks/damage. Nut at the head is 30 lb/ft and nut at the EUP is 25 lb/ft. If you don't have the correct tools for this then let a dealer perform this.

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Thank you very much Truckster for that info, it's greatly appreciated ...it did turn out to be the exhaust temp sensor, replaced it and everything's working ...ok ...some random codes do still blink on and off but nothing too alarming ...I get the 2-8 combustion air/humidity pops up once in a while, thanks again brother

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