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Frame repair near Blackwood NJ


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I sold my 94 Dodge wrecker to a guy near Blackwood NJ and he calls me up to say the frame was cracked and not repaired properly. I had no idea so I said bring the truck to me and my body guy can grind it down, redo it and plate it for him. Well a month and a half later my guy hasn't done it and the guy is pissed. I don't want to leave the guy hanging and said I would help him out on it. He picked up the truck today and is getting estimates for me. Is there anyone in that area that can do the repair and not bang me over the head in price? The crack is on the frame rail on the drivers side and the gas tank needs to be dropped. Once the tank is dropped its an easy fix since its flat on both sides. I want to do the right thing for the guy. Let me know if any of you know anyone. Thanks.

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Might want to try H.A. DeHart & Sons in Thorofare,NJ pretty close to Blackwood, they do damn nice work not exactly sure how to post a link,but if you look up their name,all the info (contact etc.) comes up,might be worth a shot to contact them,explain what you need,and see what they can do for you. I have always gotten my trailers serviced and repaired by them,and there's not too many people I recommend!...................................Mark

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Dirty - I said to the buyer that it was sold as/is and I have no obligation to repair anything for him but since I am a fair guy I am willing to help the guy out. The day he came to pick it up I towed my R30 flatbed back to my shop and he watched me move two cars with it around my lot. If the frame was screwed up he would have seen it. So the repair that was already done was working.

The thing that made me mad was I had the truck at my buddy's shop who was supposed to plate the frame but he had retail work ahead of favor work and a month later it still wasnt done. Then the buyer said you are going to hear from my lawyer. I can't control other people. I also understand that he did buy a work truck and hasn't been able to use it. I spoke with the towing equipment place that fixed the wheelift on this for me. He said he can do the frame repair and not rape me on price. Honestly its only a couple hours of labor to drop the tank and weld in a piece of C-channel inside the frame and a plate on the outside. So I gave the shop info to the buyer and told him to make arrangements to bring it to him.

Lesson learned for me too. Before I paid for this truck when I got it at auction I should have inspected the frame myself. I am going to the dealership I got it from and say he never disclosed frame damage and he has to help with the cost of the repair. They are supposed to disclose stuff like that. It's worth a shot.

What a nightmare.

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