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Pics for the week


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thanks Mike I forgot what blue sky looked like, ours has a smoky haze to it for the last 30 days. that 4100 reminds me of high school days dad bought a fully restored and rebuilt one , we feed cows with it for 5 years or so. First time I ever had a sector shaft break in a steering box (not fun)

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Neat pictures, i've never seen the inside of a livestock trailer before. I've been taking some pictures of old stores myself whenever I see them. They're just old buildings to most, but you can tell it used to be a store. I wonder about how it used to be- maybe like French's store, with a big round wheel of cheese in a wooden box on the counter. They would guess at a pound then cut a slab off with a knife. Boloney came in a whole big roll, not in a plastic container and already sliced like now. They'd slice that with a knife for you too, then wrap it in white paper. That's what we did for lunch when I was growing up, if we didn't get home we'd go to the store and get a pound of baloney and a loaf of bread. And the old stores all had penny candy, which probably costs a quarter now.

F.LM. got more Prostars, but after the first two Maxxforce engines stayed in the shop more than they did on the road they went back to the Cummins ISX engines.

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Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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