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new fire truck

joes mack

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Congrats on your new Mack. Most Connecticut fire departments take good care of their apparatus so I assume that this engine is in great shape in spite of its age.

We haven't heard any news from Yocum Creek in a while; did you get the '87 Mack repaired and back in service? Good luck with the new one.


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the 87 is almost fully repaired I still have to paint her but she is still in service when we get the new engine 2 in service I will finish the 87 the new truck is a great addition to our fleet she might be a 76 model but she still pumps very well and drives great to make it from vals327s place to ours which is 895 miles

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Joes Mack are you from Evarts, KY? My wife's sweet great aunt Gloria (Glorie) who passed last year was from Evarts. I travel through Harlan, Cawood, and Lynch to visit her kin when I'm on business up that way as often as I can. I grew up not 20 miles from Stamford CT where it appears this rig came from. If I can ever be of assistance please let me know.

Ed Smith

1957 B85F 1242 "The General Ike"

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There was a recent article in the "Stamford (CT) Advocate" that reported on the donation of the former Cromwell, CT Engine 9, a 1976 Mack "CF" pumper, to the

Yocum Creek Volunteer Fire department. Unfortunately, I can't get the link to attach here. It's a good story; congratulations to Don and Mark.

Joe, we're going to need photos of Engine 1 and Engine 2 together when they are both back in service.


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